Halloweens for Teens

Maybe your teens still want to dress up for Halloween. My introverted, home loving teens do not.

They haven’t for a few years. The money saver in me loves that I don’t have to spend major dollars on a costume they will wear one time. I think I was able to justify the expense when they were little, because they wanted to dress up all.the.time…so we were able to get lots of dress up time out of those costumes.

And I let them. Oh man, did I let them.

Do you know that I got to grocery shop with Woody and Buzz from Toy Story?

Me and some squishy, delicious Disney princess characters spent lots of time at Target.

I had enormous amounts of time with Link from Zelda, a 7 year old bumblebee, a ninja warrior, Darth Vader, a fireman, and a 50’s sock hop in kindergarten.

Guys.. I’m so not crying.

Yes I am.

Because now? They don’t even want to hang out, man. We are “forcing” our teenagers to attend a movie with us tonight. (Madea’s Boo for the win) I will bribe them with their favorite candy. We will laugh, and make memories, and they will grumble all the way. Our holidays definitely look a little different. And that’s ok. That is what this growth, change, becoming an adult thing is. Productive, Jesus loving, members of society. That is the ultimate end goal.

It just hurts a little bit when you find pictures from 10 years ago, and remember how sweet and squishy and non-teenager-y they were. I love parenting my children. Every stage has its wonders, and its are you kidding me’s, and its golden gems.

Please enjoy traipsing through your neighborhood with your little mister Paw Patrol, or your Elsa, or your little miss Rock Diva. Have a blast at that Harvest Fest or school carnival. Because 10 years will go by and you will sit in your office, look at old pictures, and cry a little bit.

Or maybe that’s just me.


Happy Halloween.