No Christmas Tree??

We don’t have a tree yet. We have to move, so throwing up a bunch of Christmas decor just seems unnecessary this year.

I love the holidays with the sparkles and twinkle lights and glitter and the smell of a fresh pine tree in my home. So you can imagine my sad face over not being able to decorate in the way that makes my heart glad.

I’ve found a few ways to feel joyous and twinkly during this season, even if I can’t wrap twinkle lights from floor to ceiling in my home.

A homemade Egg Nog Latte – Because Jesus wants you to.
Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine Dish Soap – It’s like a whiff of the sweetest pine tree you ever did smell.
Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa – Make it with a splash or 7 of half n half. You’re welcome.
These Copper battery powered twinkle lights from Target – They often have a smaller set in the Dollar Spot for $3!!
A mix of your favorite Christmas songs on Spotify – Come to Riverview to hear mine! We play it every week. Let’s just say I had to refrain from making the whole playlist Pentatonix songs.
The best RED lipstick ever – Yes, I sell it, ok? I wanted the discount because I’M OBSESSED.

Things you can’t buy? Snuggles with the teens because they are chillier than usual. Forcing those same teens to continue with the Advent Calendar tradition. Attending a Christmas Eve service somewhere. Reading through the birth story of Jesus. Walking Starlight Circle. Watching every Hallmark Christmas movie. Game night with all the extroverts in your family.

There are a million ways to celebrate if you can’t decorate the way you want, or afford everything your heart desires at this moment. And I’m preaching to myself here, friends. This is such a good reminder for me too.

Twinkle lights and red lips aren’t why Jesus was born. I know this well. He was born to save you and me. But He ain’t mad at those things either, friends!

Don’t spend money you don’t have. Celebrate well within your means.

Even if we don’t get a tree, I will find a way to make Christmas magical for my family. I hope you will too!