Oh yes.. I jumped on the LipSense Train.

Soooooo.. LipSense, huh. Direct Sales, eh.

Not my thing. So so so not my thing. I turn down offers to join someone’s business weekly, if not daily sometimes. I’m simply not a fan of being sold something I didn’t ask for.

However, I found a magic lipstick, and it is only sold via distributor. I was just going to buy some at full retail, and tell everyone about how awesome it was.. and then I researched the company, the founder, and the product, and I knew I wanted in. And that was just for the discount for myself and sisters, etc. I was never intending to sell it.


The founder loves Jesus and created this company for women by women.

Everything is made in the USA.

The company is debt free.

The lipstick is beyond amazing, 98% natural, wax and lead free, and not tested on animals. (None of their products are.)

Hippity hop I went to sign up. And the circle of ladies I’m around started asking about. I started hosting little get togethers at Starbucks to try on this long wearing magic, and it just snowballed from there! Yes, I am working hard, but it is so fun, it doesn’t even feel like hard work.

My commission check in February is going to replace 1 whole photography session. Umm.. guys. That is amazeballs. If you know how much I charge for a photography session, you’d sign up too!

You can read a few posts back to understand why photography is something I’m doing less of. I’ll never be completely done.. it was my career for 13+ years. But physically, I can’t do the same thing I used to be able to do.

Enter LipSense. And a commission check that replaced a photography session. All the praise hands, guys.

I really believe God found the perfect fit for me. I love lipstick. I love natural makeup. I love natural makeup that actually works. I love encouraging and supporting women. And I love being able to help our family financially in a way that doesn’t negatively impact my health.

This isn’t a sales post. I’m not going to show you colors or tell you to contact me. The blog is for me to document our life and all that it entails, so I wanted to write about my new journey.

And this new journey is most definitely Something Sarah Loves.