I love the idea of making something that isn’t traditionally feminine… even more feminine.  You will find me searching for free resources for a cool artistic computer wallpaper, or a quote/bible verse for my lock screen on my phone. Pinterest is great way to find some free quotes, but I have discovered most of them won’t scale down to my phone.  Something always seems to get cut off, dangit.  So I decided to start making my own.

A few years back, I was in a Bible memorization group, and I found that if I had the verse on my phone, I would memorize the particular verse better.  I went about creating more phone wallpapers and sharing them here on my blog.  I’ve kept most of them up for anyone who wants them.  You can find them here or here for starters.  

We are going through a fantastic series at our church, and last week was about the value of women.  It would be my recommendation to listen to the podcast.  It was that good.  And deeply impactful. And I found myself wanting a reminder on my phone to keep the words I use about myself in check.

I thought I’d share it here, so anyone who needs that same reminder can access it freely.  🙂  Free Lockscreen Wallpaper



If you are reading this on your phone, simply click the image, and take a screen shot, and follow the directions to replace your wallpaper or lock screen.

I’ve disabled comments on my blog permanently, but I’d love to hear from you!! Please email me at contactme@sarahtolsonphotography.com if you want to further this conversation!

Happy Remembering Your Value!!!

Time to stop eating like the world is ending. This is life changing.

My baby, who is 13, gets super rad discounted tickets to San Diego’s Broadway shows throughout the school year. It is considered a field trip, and I highly highly highly enjoy these field trips.


The other night we were fortunate enough to go see Cinderella on stage. Now.. it wasn’t my favorite show of all time. (1000 cool points if you know what is) But anytime I am able to participate in Art, I am thankful. Miss H wasn’t so thankful.


I can only hope that my continued efforts in showing her different forms of Art will one day bear some fruit.

Alas, my sweet introvert did not want to go out in the rain.  To sit in a theater with loads of strangers.  And to watch people dance and sing on stage. I mean, I don’t know why not?? 😉 But, sometimes Mammas have to know when to push a little, and when to pull back. Because our tickets were already paid for, and they were a heck of a good deal, I pushed a little. And I bought her some whole30-ish snacks for the theater so we wouldn’t be tempted by the concession stand. She sat pretty solemnly through the show. She didn’t clap once. But she was there. So I’m going to call that a win.


There was a time I didn’t know that I would get to have these experiences, so I’m going to forge ahead and make memories with my sweet, if not a tad stubborn, girl. And by all that is good and right, I will continue to take her to the theater for as long as I have breath, and the funds to do so.