This is what my days consist of. Every two hours. Hungry 5 week old kitten.

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We rescued a 4 week old baby kitty. Oh man, is he the cutest thing. And yes, we had to bottle feed him for a few weeks because he was too little to eat kibble. I was not complaining.

Um.. Really, kitty? Y'all, I'm not an animal person. Why does he like me the most????

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His favorite spot.

He is now almost 12 weeks, and ferocious with his claws. I cannot wait until he gets emasculated… maybe he will calm down some. 😉

Just a peek into our life in case you don’t happen to follow me on instagram. 🙂

Homemade Restaurant Style Salsa

This is my new favorite thing. Note: I find multiple favorite things throughout each of my days, so, you know, there’s that.

Take your favorite chunky jarred salsa. We like Pace Medium around here. You are going to add 2 cups of salsa, 1 handful of fresh cilantro, and 2-3 green onions in your food processor or blender. And blend for 10-20 seconds.

Then you are going to thank me, because you have just re-created a shortcut I found to making restaurant style salsa in seconds. The key here is chunky salsa.. you still want some texture after it has been blended, and if you use a smooth salsa, it will lack the needed heft on your chip, and it will slide right off. You want to maintain a little chunky-ness so the chip has something to hold on to.

Heft and texture. Those are the same reasons I tell my hubs that I stay nice and chunky for him. 😉 Hey, it works for salsa recreations, and it can work for curvy girls too.

Package this up in a pint sized wide mouth jar, add some artisan tortilla chips, and you have a winning dish for a hostess gift, or your next potluck. I’m a chips and salsa for life kind of girl.. hence the heft, but I’m ok with that. 😉

Happy Salsa-ing.

We celebrated 16 years of marriage with chips and salsa, and a cold Coke. Yes, Lord.
Also.. public displays of affection that embarrass our teens? The best.

Celebrating 16 years with chips and salsa and Coke. Yes, Lord. Love this family of mine.

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We then headed off to Vegas for the Celine Dion show. I don’t even have words. It was unreal, and I cried through most of it.
Blurry selfie at the Grand Lux before the show.

Selfie at the Grand Lux before the concert.

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Marriage is hard. But fighting for it is so worth it.