Crystal Lewis – Something Sarah Loves

Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife. I love me some Crystal Lewis.


Big time.

She and I sang together many times throughout college and early motherhood.

I mean.. she was singing from my CD player, and I was just belting it out in the car. Β Though she never knew about them, I really feel like our duets bonded us.

Fast forward to when I had my second baby, and nearly lost my life to a fatal blood clot (you can read about that here) and my husband and I were planning my funeral.

I’m serious. We really did. I wanted certain things, and needed him to hear me on it. I requested that Crystal Lewis come and sing How Deep the Father’s Love. I was kidding, knowing we couldn’t afford it, and I wouldn’t even be there to enjoy it.

Imagine my delight/sheer joy when our church, Riverview Community, was able to bring her to guest lead worship!! Β I sat there crying my eyes out because, ummm, Crystal was on our stage.

Our little former country bar stage, you guys!

You might also imagine my utter shock when she ended the service with none other than “How Deep the Father’s Love”. I lost it. I really really lost it. She had no idea what my story was, and we had no idea what her set list was going to be. It was God, and only God. Tears were profuse as I sat there and realized that I didn’t have to plan my funeral to have one of my way far out there, never gonna happen dreams come true. I could have gone fetal with how overwhelmed by emotion I was.

One of our church motto’s is “A place for people who don’t like church.” It fits so well with our crowd. A crowd who mostly didn’t know who Crystal was. But they trusted us when we said she was awesome. They trusted us when we said her daughter was equally awesome. And we’ve already had requests for them to come back.

It was such a good Sunday. One of those fill your heart so full you could burst Sundays.

I need you to know that Crystal signed my CD – BFF’s forever –. That’s legit, folks.

Who cares that it was at my request. She meant it. I know she did.

We also dined on In N Out lettuce wraps, and so, I just can’t even. I just can’t.

I took 3 videos while she and her daughter were there, and here is the link to the first one.

Babies, beach light and beautiful people…

I have said it time and time again… these kinds of images cannot be made at the mall. And please don’t think I’m hating mall portraits. I visited plenty of Picture People Studio’s when my babes were little.

But as the old adage goes.. Know better, Do better. So now that I know better photography, I try to do better photography. Photography for my clients. Photography for my family. Photography for my church.

Trust me when I say this.. I know that custom photography is an investment. I have some clients that save all year just to book with me for fall portraits.

We invest in what we value.

And, I just have to thank each and every one of you, dear clients, for investing in Sarah Tolson Photography for your portraits. It is an honor to serve you, and it is my hope that I get to do so for a very, very long while.

I took a few moments today to piece this highlight video together.

With many thanks,

Sarah Tolson

Paleo Friendly Tomato Bisque.

Just made this for a sick friend today. If you want to see the full recipe video, head over to my youtube channel, or click the video below. This is the easiest tomato bisque I have ever made. Gluten free, sugar free, paleo friendly, vegetarian. It is a win for most people. For the meat eater in your life, the simple addition of chicken, or shrimp would save the day.

And grass fed butter is a super food, yo. My rockstar naturopath recommends using butter as your cooking fat, above anything else. I say, go ahead. Add as much as you want. As long as you are blending on medium while you add it, the soup will only get thicker and richer.


The great news? Butter is mostly fat, with just a tad bit of the milk protein, and no milk sugar. So those who have to be dairy free most likely will be able to tolerate it! πŸ™‚ Yay. You can use chilled ghee in place of the solid butter if you really do have to avoid all traces of milk protein.

Happy Soup-ing!!